J. F. is an indie author of flash fiction and micropoetry.

J.F. can also be found on:

deviantArt: I post a lot of my work here. In July 2015 and 2016, I participated in Flash Fiction Month and in April 2016 I completed National Poetry Writing Month as well.

Smashwords: My books live here!

Twitter : I retweet a lot. Oh, and I also use this site to announce when new work is posted.

Wattpad : I have an ongoing project here, generally updated weekly, which is a collection of all my poetry I have posted on Prose in 2016.

Prose.: I often participate in the weekly prose/poetry challenges here and I have assembled quite the collection of pieces already. You can find new work posted generally once a week.

Patreon: Nothing yet, but I’m planning to add a few things here soon!